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“Why am I not losing weight?” Is a question that is quite common amongst overweight and obese people, especially those who have tried different weight loss programs; Keto diets, Mediterranean diet, vegan diet, and even a raw diet. While these diets work for some, other people will wonder why they are still not losing weight.

Are you one of those who wonder why, no matter what they do, the pounds just refuse to come off?

In this article, you will learn various reasons why you have not been losing weight. You will be able to deduce what exactly you may be doing wrong, or that you have omitted in doing, that could be the cause of the fats remaining sticky to you. It is easy to give up when you feel you are trying your best, yet, things are not going as expected.

Calm down.

After you have gone through these seven reasons, I am sure you will eventually realize what the cog in the wheel of your weight loss progress is, and you can instantly knock it out and keep on blasting the fats off!

So, why have you not been losing weight? Let’s check these out.


This is a very important part of losing weight. Even if you are on a particular diet, and you are eating healthy, if you do not control your portions, you will not lose weight.

When it comes to portion control, the first thing to consider is that each class of food in your plate occupies the right percentage. For instance, a typical healthy plate of food should consist of vegetables composing half the plate, while carbs and protein occupy a quarter each of the plate. So, if you claim you want to lose weight and your plate consists of three-quarters carb, then there is no way you will lose that weight.

In the same vein, getting a smaller plate will assist a lot in controlling your portions, hence, help you to lose that weight. When it comes to losing weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume.


When you want to lose weight, yet still indulge in eating junk foods, you are defeating your purpose. Junk foods are fast foods that contain lots of fat, carbs, and sugar, and eating lots of these while thinking of losing weight; let’s just say, such a person is not really motivated enough to lose weight.


Losing weight by walking, jogging, step-ups, jumping rope and other cardio exercises burn fat easily, helping to achieve one’s goal.

A sedentary lifestyle does not help in losing that extra fat, so, a person who desires to lose weight must add these exercises to their regimen before results can be seen.

Walk it out, jump it off, and see the wonders of exercise on your goals.


When we talk about losing weight, calculating calories go a very long way. One thing you must note is that it is not just about what you eat, what you drink also matters!

When you add lots of sugar to your smoothies or take soda drinks every day without acknowledging their calories too, then the weight will remain, and you will start wondering what could be wrong.

So, when you make your weight loss meal plan, endeavor to take note of the calories in the drinks you consume. Eliminate those that would greatly increase your calorie intake, and plan those that you take with your meal, using your weight loss calculator.


Do you know that stress can make you unable to lose weight? Yes!

If you are physically, mentally, and emotionally stressed, your body produces more cortisol hormones, which increases your fat and carb metabolism, making you hungrier, crave more sweet and salty foods, and eat more.

If you wish to lose weight effectively, manage your stress levels, rest more, and do more things that make you happy!


There are people who do not have the patience to stick to a weight loss plan for the long term. Are you one of those? Then, you may have problems with losing weight.

No matter what type of weight loss plan you choose, Atkins, Keto; you need to be consistent and be ready to stick to it for a long time in order to achieve your desired results.

As they say, slow and steady wins the race.


There are some medical conditions, that, if you do not take care of these underlying conditions, you will not be able to lose weight; as weight gain is part of the symptoms of such conditions.

One of such medical conditions is POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN SYNDROME PCOS.

PCOS is an endocrine disorder, which consists of the disruption of various hormones in the body, causing enlarged ovaries with small cysts at the outer edges.

PCOS also causes INSULIN RESISTANCE, which is the main cause of weight gain in women suffering from this disorder.

Insulin resistance is when some cells in the body do not respond to the insulin produced by the pancreas. Thus, it causes the pancreas to produce more insulin, in order to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

As more insulin is produced, more androgen (male hormone) is produced in the woman, leading to more weight gain.

Hence, the more increase in insulin resistance, the more increase in weight gain.

Thyroid diseases also, low levels of thyroid hormone cause an increase in weight and difficulty in losing weight.

When you realize you have tried all forms of weight loss regimen and the pounds are still not coming off,  it is best to head for the hospital to run some tests. That way, you are able to rule out PCOS for women, and thyroid diseases.


When you plan on losing weight, do not lose your focus due to setbacks. I am sure with the reasons above, you would have detected why this weight loss journey has been hard for you. You will also be able to adjust your regimen to make things as perfect as possible.

Go through the list above again, and work on areas you need to, so that your weight loss motivation will not diminish. Also, you will achieve your weight loss goals in the long run.

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