Full Liquid Diet: Benefits and How It Works

liquid diet

A liquid diet is a type of diet (food or meal) that is strictly in liquid form and sometimes semi-solid. Hence any type of food that is converted to liquid or semi-solid (Paste) is a liquid diet.

This may not be a regular kind of topic for health articles, but trust me its an interesting one.

There are basically two types of liquid diet

  • Full Liquid Diet
  • Clear Liquid Diet

Full Liquid Diet

A full liquid diet is a type of diet that is made up of only fluid or a meal that at room temperature turns into liquid/fluid. A full liquid diet contains no solid, everything fluid!

Example of full liquid diet includes All types of clear liquid (i.e water, filtered fruit juices, etc), Plain ice-cream, Honey, Custard, Soup broth, Yoghurt, Butter, Sugar Syrups, etc.

Clear Liquid Diet 

A clear liquid diet, on the other hand, is a type of meal or diet that is made up of clear liquids (can be digested easily and leave no particles, remnants, or residue of fibers in the intestinal tract).

Example of clear liquid diet includes; plain water, fruit juice(without pulp or bits of fruit) filtered fruit juice, Gelatin, clear soda(like sprite) and soup broth.

Indications for Liquid Diet

A full liquid diet is considered;

  • Prior to a medical procedure
  • When a patient is recovering from surgery (like abdominal surgery, colorectal surgery, bariatric surgery, etc) in order to minimize nausea or gastric stimulation.
  • When you are experiencing difficulty in swallowing.
  • When you experiencing nausea or vomiting (clear liquid diet is most preferable)
  • If you have diverticulitis, it is advisable to be on a liquid diet to reduce stool in the colon.

Do Liquid Diet Help in Weight loss?

Yes! If you want to lose weight, going on a liquid diet is one of the best ways to start.

A liquid diet can replace other meals and it is low in calories.

But it’s important to know that its unhealthy to lose 10 pounds (4.536kg)in 3 days and caution should be taken before choosing a liquid diet as a means of losing weight.

Liquid Diet Advantages

That brings us to the benefit of liquid diets.

  • The liquid diet helps to reduce weight (but should not be for a long period of time).
  • It’s important for some health procedures and post-operative care.
  • It helps to prevent dehydration because it contains electrolytes and water.
  • It prevents gastrointestinal distress because the food is easily digested and your gastrointestinal tract has less work to do.

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Liquid Diet  Disadvantages

Risks of Liquid diet/Liquid dieting include:

  • Liquid diet provides few nutrients (especially clear liquid diet) compared to another balanced diet (that are rich in protein and fibers) and with time it can lead to malnourishment especially in persons suffering from nutritional deficiency.
  • A liquid diet is risky for people who are underweight.
  • A liquid diet is also risky for people who have certain disorders of the endocrine system such as diabetes. This is because it is most times made up of fruits, and other sugar-containing substances and carbohydrates, these sugar and carbohydrate-containing substances can spike sugar level which is unhealthy and detrimental to diabetes patients.
  • A liquid diet is risky for people who have eating disorders (especially clear liquid diet)
  • People who place themselves on a clear liquid diet for a very long time or those who do it without medical supervision oftentimes experience headaches, mood swings, weakness, infertility, muscle aches, bone damage, and heart disorders.

How does your body react to a liquid diet?

The liquid diet contains a significantly reduced amount of calories if the amount of calories the body burns is not up to the amount the body takes in or receives then weight loss occurs. But it is important to know that liquid diet should be for a short time; not more than seven (7) days, especially when you are not under medical supervision. When the body significantly reduces the number of calories consumed, the body’s metabolic rate is slowed down in order to conserve energy.

Benefits of Liquid Diet One Day a Week

If you want to go on a liquid diet without medical reasons or supervision, please speak to a nutritionist to avoid nutritional deficit or putting yourself at risk of malnutrition.

Remember, prolonged liquid dieting is unhealthy!

Hope you enjoyed the article and hope it was helpful!


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