About Us

About Us, Health Succour

Health is Wealth – To live a Wealthy life you have to maintain a healthy life.

Secondly, Knowledge is power, to live a healthy life you have to possess the required knowledge, knowledge comes through reading pieces of information.

However, many have little or no health knowledge and thus have without knowing relinquished their health to happenstance and that’s why Health Succour is here.

The word succour means Aid in the English language.

So literally Health Succour is Here to provide you with all the Health Aid you require in this century and centuries to come to stay healthy and maximize your purpose on Earth.

Team Behind Health Succour:

You can only give what you have! The idea of Health Succour was conceived by a pharmacist and together with a nurse friend, have developed Health Succour to what You see it to be today.

Though Still at the meta stage, we have plans and visions to make Health Succour better than it is today and as such has sought the hands of other health professionals so as to provide you with all necessary information you need to live and maintain a healthy life.

We as health professionals are governed by oath, and as such will provide nothing but the best through this blog so you are assured of the information thereof. (Disclaimer: Health Succour remains for informational purposes only).

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