6 Ways to Improve Your Respiratory Health

    respiratory health

    A lot of respiratory health issues and sicknesses can be well taken care of and treated if they are diagnosed properly and on time. As a matter of fact, a lot of them are preventable. Asides from genetics, the major factors leading to respiratory health and family history are obesity, smoking, and air pollution. This article looks at 6 ways through which you can boost your respiratory health whether you are dealing with chronic lung conditions or even respiratory infections.

    Your respiratory system

    Your respiratory system which comprises your lungs, nose, throat, and windpipe- brings sufficient amounts of air into your body whenever you draw breath. In your lungs, the oxygen from each breath that you take is transferred to your bloodstream and then sent to every cell in your body as a life-sustaining fuel. The difference between your lungs and other organs in your body lies in the fact that their fragile tissues are connected to the outside environment directly. Whatever you breathe in has the ability to affect them, from germs and tobacco smoke to harmful substances such as chemicals and dust. In the end, you are likely to suffer from allergies or something even worse- like lung cancer.

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    How You Can Improve Your Respiratory Health

    1. Take deep breaths

    Breathing deeply will enable you to get at least one step closer to attaining the full capacity of your lungs. As you gently and slowly inhale, in all consciousness, expand your belly while gently lowering your diaphragm. Right after that, expand your ribs and allow them to open up as wide as possible. Finally, let your upper chest to expand and lift.

    After you have done this, gently and completely exhale by allowing your chest fall and contacting your ribs, finally pull your stomach muscles in and up to bring up your diaphragm and turf out the last bit of air.

    1. Count your breaths

    Another excellent way to increase the capacity of your lungs is by shooting up the length of your inhalations as well as your exhalations. Begin by calculating how long it takes to produce a natural breath. If it takes up to five counts to inhale, it should also take five counts to exhale. You might want them both of uniform length. As soon as you have realized the count for your average breath, make the addition of at least one more count to each inhale and exhale until you can seamlessly increase the length of time that it takes to fill up your lungs and empty them as well. The bottom line is to avoid being uncomfortable or putting too much strain on yourself. The entire process is should be gradual and easy.

    1. Stay hydrated

    A thin lining of mucus lies inside your lungs. When you are sufficiently hydrated over the course of the day, this lining remains thin and it helps your lungs function in top form. Staying properly hydrated is especially crucial if you have a cold because it makes it easier for you to cough up the mucus lingering in your lungs that can cause breathing problems and discomfort.

    1. Laugh more

    Whenever you laugh, your exhalations become more effective. Your lungs are able to rid themselves of stale air and get more oxygen in. This is simply due to the fact that laughter enables the alveoli in your lungs to expand Alveoli are tiny air sack of about 300 to 500 million! Expanding these automatically means that the oxygen-exchange area is larger and more oxygen comes in. Although laughter does not and can probably not replace medicine, it definitely plays a vital role in great respiratory health.  So why not show some love to your lungs and have a good laugh?

    1. Stay Active

    One of the most ideal ways to get your lungs functioning properly is by getting involved in regular physical activity. These physical activities do not have to be rigorous or straining but should be moderately intense. When you take your daily activity up a notch, you are likely to kill three birds with just one stone; you get a healthier heart, a better mood, and healthier lungs! Dedicate at least 20 minutes every day to consistent movements such as a bike ride or a brisk walk.

    1. Be mindful of your posture

    You need to understand that your lungs are soft structures and they only occupy the space you make available for them. In order to make more room for your lungs, you need to occasionally sit upright. As much as possible, avoid slouching or tilting your body forward while you’re seated. A simple technique to provide more room for your lungs is leaning back marginally in a firmly fixed chair, lifting your chest and opening the front of your body while you breathe deeply.

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